We are a collective, community archive working to document transgender resistance and resilience in New York City. We work to confront the erasure of trans lives and to record diverse histories of gender as intersecting with race and racism, poverty, dis/ability, aging, housing migration, sexism, and the AIDS crisis. We privilege the insights of vulnerable trans communities fighting the structural dismantling of public benefits, housing insecurity and homelessness, policing, and surveillance. 

We post public, recorded interviews with trans New Yorkers, and also welcome new contributions from volunteer interviewers and narrators. Anyone who identifies as trans / gender non conforming and as a sometime resident of New York City is invited to contribute and interview. All interviews are accessible to the public and part of the Creative Commons license for free and open use. 

We are in partnership with the New York Public Library community oral history project. You can listen to interviews, search interviews tags (like #genderfluidity #self-knowledge #gentrification and #queerfamily), and soon read transcripts. We hope the interviews and tags will preserve and proliferate new knowledges about trans and gender non-conforming experiences.

Thank you to the New York Public Library, the Digital Transgender Archive, and the Trans Justice Funding Project for support in building the NYC TOHP. You can help build the archive by making a donation.


Please contact us at NYCTransOralHistory@nypl.org with any questions. ​